A Day Trip to London From Paris

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One of my favorite things we did on our trip was take a day trip to London from Paris. I’ve always wanted to visit London, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity!

We took the Eurostar train one morning into Kings Cross Station. It was so cold and rainy, we decided to take a bus tour of the city to see the sights. We were able to get on and off the bus whenever we wanted, so we stopped at Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

We also took the Tube to Harrods and grabbed a bite to eat in the Disney Cafe. Andrew was so excited to see Lightning McQueen! They were playing Tangled on one of the TVs in the cafe, and Andrew was mesmerized. That’s where his love affair with Rapunzel began. While we were at Harrods, we visited the Harrods Christmas Grotto and Andrew got to meet Father Christmas.

Then we headed back to Kings Cross to see Platform 9 3/4 before our train back to Paris left. That’s when the real fun began. On our way home, the high-speed train hit a wild boar. The train had to come to an emergency stop and we waited somewhere in the middle of Northern France to see if it could be fixed. Turned out it couldn’t, so we continued on at half-speed to the next station. There we boarded another train and made our way back to Paris. Our three-hour train ride turned into a six-hour affair.

When we made it to the station, we were tired and hungry and Andrew was fast asleep. The subway was closed, so everyone on the train had to take a taxi home. The line was insane. But when those in the line saw me with a sleeping baby in my arms, they ushered us to the very front and we got in the next available taxi. It was wonderful and amazing and in that moment, I felt so blessed to be among good-natured people.

Sometimes, life is hard. But then there are moments when God reminds you that people care and the world is good.

London 2012-003.jpgLondon 2012-004.jpgLondon 2012-006.jpgLondon 2012-005.jpgLondon 2012-010.jpgLondon 2012-011.jpgLondon 2012-016.jpgLondon 2012-021.jpgBig Ben in LondonLondon 2012-025.jpgLondon 2012-026.jpgFather ChristmasLondon 2012-027.jpg

Happy Thursday!


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! Must visit one day!


  1. […] son is Lightning McQueen’s biggest fan. It started when he met the world-famous race car at Harrods in London. One of his first words was “McQueen.” He can often be seen zooming around our house […]

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