Chevy Fan Day With Jeff Gordon at Texas Motor Speedway

Chevy Fan Day-001.jpg

Yesterday, the Nerd and I headed to Texas Motor Speedway for Chevy Fan Day, courtesy of Chevy DFW.

I had never been to a NASCAR event, and I’m still processing a lot of what we saw and experienced. I have TONS of photos to go through and edit (and share with you all!)

But the coolest things we got to do was go on a hot lap with Jeff Gordon. I took along my video camera so you could experience it, too.

It was so much fun! Jeff told us that they asked him to stay at or below 90 mph during the lap, but then he wouldn’t say how fast he was going. Naughty, naughty.

Luckily, The Nerd was sitting in the back seat with a clear view of the speedometer — he said it passed 130 mph.

Have you ever been to a NASCAR race? Who’s your favorite driver?

I promise more pics (and stories) soon!


  1. I am not a genuine Texan so I don’t “do” Nascar, hehe! But my mom loves it so I have been to a qualifier.

  2. That is super fun, Arena! Our neighbor is a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan. He will be super jealous when I share this! He is trying to convert my son to NASCAR! I haven’t been to a race. It seems too loud!

  3. Susan H says:

    Before my husband retired, we had opportunities to go all around the U.S. and Canada to NASCAR and CART races with his position at work. I loved watching Bobby Allison race. Now that we are not attending any of the races, I have not been a follower of the drivers. I am impressed with Jeff Gordon and his tireless work with The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. Since my grandsons are big Pixar “CARS” fans, I was tickled to see that Jeff Gordon will be in CARS 2 as Jeff Gorvette. Sounds like you and your hubby had a great time. It is fun reading about the opportunities that your blog has presented that you might not have otherwise had.


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