{DFW Mom} Taste of Dallas

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This weekend, we were invited to experience The Sweet Factory at Taste of Dallas.


It was a great family event featuring lots of yummy food and fun activities for the kids.


River and Eli enjoyed playing in the bouncy houses and visiting the petting zoo. We even got the kids’ faces painted!

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But the highlight of the event was meeting Curious George! Andrew was SO EXCITED to meet his favorite cartoon character. We’ve watched many episodes of George’s escapades.

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River met George too.

Taste of Dallas-031.jpg

But Eli didn’t trust him.

Taste of Dallas-016.jpg

River really enjoyed visiting the butterfly house.

Taste of Dallas-020.jpg

The butterflies seemed to like Andrew.

Taste of Dallas-022.jpg

But he was more interested in my camera.

Taste of Dallas-025.jpg

Eli couldn’t get any to come to him, though.

We had so much fun. Did you attend Taste of Dallas this weekend?

Disclaimer: I was provided with tickets at no charge to attend Taste of Dallas. We also received some samples and products to try.


  1. I was supposed to go, but then it rained!!! The last time I went was a couple of years ago and it was raining then, too! I don’t think I’m meant to be at Taste of Dallas. This year looked like it was fun, though! When I went, they had storm troopers instead of Curious George. I’m sure you would have loved that!

    -Denise (http://www.effortlessmom.com)

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