Hallmark "Moments and Milestones" Tour

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Last week, I was invited to join a group of Dallas Mom Bloggers at the Hallmark “Moments and Milestones” Tour.

As moms, we tend to strive for those “Hallmark Moments” in life where you achieve the “picture perfect” setting. But Hallmark has really tried to turn that colloquialism on its head with their newest campaign.

During the event, Hallmark employees talked about how they’re encouraging us to pause and recognize those unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments we share with our loved ones — the moments that can take place any day and the moments that take place when we’re celebrating milestones.

It was a fun event and we got to see some of Hallmark’s newest products. We also got a behind-the-scenes look at how they style and plan photo shoots for their cards and we even got the chance to try to write some of our own greeting cards!

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Pictured above are Jamie from Totally the Bomb, Lea Ann from Mommy’s Wishlist, and Crystal from Crystal & Co.

It’s not often that an event has me laughing one moment and crying the next! But the Hallmark ladies had it all under control — there were boxes of tissues on every table!

Some of my favorite products were the Text Bands and the Personalized Party Plates. I learned that you can order custom photo cards from them. I’ll definitely be utilizing that for Andrew’s upcoming birthday party! And I LOVED the Curious George Recordable Storybook!

Use the Promo Code BLOG30 to receive 30% off your order at Hallmark.com!

What are some ways that you tell your loved ones that they matter?


Disclaimer: Hallmark provided breakfast and some free samples for me and other bloggers in attendance. All photos and opinions are my own. 



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