Nerdy Father’s Day Gifts!

 These are just a few awesome gifts for the Nerdy dad in your life. You’re welcome.

PS – Would it be weird if I bought the Avengers cologne for myself? Well, not for ME to wear, obviously. But if the Iron Man cologne smells anything like what I envision Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. to smell like, I could just douse The Nerd’s favorite shirt in it and he’d never know, right?

PPS – Scratch that. He’d TOTALLY know. I mean, he’d know something was up if his shirt wasn’t covered in the familiar funk of last night’s dinner. Dropping food on your shirt, FTW.

PPPS – Is it too late to add a man bib to the list? I think my husband just might need one of those.


  1. Adore the list– nerd wives unite!

  2. I love all of these things for the men in my life, but I’m with you when it comes to the cologne. I kinda want it just for myself. Then I can wrap my arms around myself and pretend it’s Tony Stark. When my husband isn’t around, of course 😉

  3. Hehe, Liz… My thoughts EXACTLY! :)

  4. The hat/beard is awesome! I bought Geek Dad, stuff to do with your kids last Father’s Day. Hear from Sandy A La Mode, but I’ll be reading your FEED. I love photography, have a son, and 2 dogs. My hubby & I are geeks too.

  5. My dad has a mustache so I think the mustache glasses would be perfect for him!


  6. Love the stache glasses… :-)

  7. SO many great ideas!! Love #2!

  8. My husband is a nerd too. He thought I would like the beard hat because I’m always cold. He would have no need for that hat because he’s warm/hot, temperature-wise and in handsomeness too.

  9. Celeste says:

    those mustache glasses are just too fun!

  10. Hilarious! Great gift ideas. My hubby is a bit of a nerd, too. I’m looking forward to poking around your corner of the blog world!

  11. My hubby would LOVE that geek pen. Love this list!

  12. New here, from SALM! LOVE the mustache glasses, they’re great. Your blog is so cute. Happy to be a new follower.

  13. ok, those gift ideas are pretty bad ass!

  14. Stopping by from Sandy a la Mode! Great nerdy fathers day ideas! :) Love it!

  15. April C. says:

    Love the glasses with the mustaches!!

  16. Ah mah gahwd. YES! Thank you! My dad is a civil/environmental engineer and there are some great gift ideas up there!!! love it!

  17. Alice C. says:

    Great gifts!

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