Post It Note Tuesday

I have a confession: I am an organizational freak.
Right now, there are probably three different kinds of Post It Notes in my purse, along with a small army of pens and Sharpies.
I guess that’s a good trait in a yearbook rep. I never leave home without a Sharpie.
So when I stumbled upon Post It Note Tuesday over at SupahMommy’s blog, I knew I had to join in.
She links to a site where you can create your own digital Post It Notes. Awesome.
And just because I can’t help my graphic design/yearbook nerd nature, I had to put my Post It Notes on a cork board with push pins.
You know you love me anyway.
So, without further adieu, my first Post It Note Tuesday:

Don’t ya just love that grocery list? 
Any guesses on what I’m cooking up this weekend with that Bailey’s Irish Cream?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. From Tracie says

    I love how you put your post-its on a cork board like that!! Awesome!

    I'd like a visit from Cinderella's "army" too!

  2. I wish I could graphic design mine like that – it took all I could do to make the postit notes:)

    Great post its!!

  3. Nice cork board! I am married to a Nerd too – I refer to him as the Enginerd!

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