Texas A&M vs. Nebraska

This weekend, we had the chance to go to the Texas A&M vs. Nebraska football game.
Oh my goodness. What a game.
But we’ll get to that later.
We met The Nerd’s family in College Station. That’s his parents and sister, Kate, with her boyfriend, Paul.
This was our Thanksgiving celebration together.
We came in on Friday and went to Midnight Yell practice. It was the first time The Nerd’s parents had been to Midnight Yell.
It was packed. You see that photo up there at the top? That’s the student section of Kyle Field. The first two levels (decks) were packed to the brim at Midnight Yell.
Yeah. It was crazy. But so much fun!
We were glad to be back on our old stomping ground. Well, I was. I’m not quite sure what The Nerd is thinking in this photo…
Our seats were on the alumni side of the stadium.
Boy was I glad. Not that I miss being on the student side. But standing for four hours straight was not something I miss.
Aggie students (aka The 12th Man) stand the entire game to show their willingness to step in and help the team any way they can.
We got to the stadium really early so we could watch the fly-over.
The F-16s were really cool.
The game started at 7 pm, which was after dark, so the fly-over was super early to avoid any danger to the pilots.
The student side was pretty deserted when we arrived. But it would fill fast.
We were way up high on the third deck, close to the goal line. I think we were about six rows from the top of the stadium.
The Nerd’s mom and sister used binoculars to see the game clearly.
But my favorite part (as always) was the Nationally-Famous Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.
There’s just something about the Aggie Band…
Here they’re getting ready to perform the Block T.
The game was amazing.
Seriously, the best game I’ve seen in a long time.
After many hours of nail biting and nervousness, the Aggies pulled out on top with a final score of 9-6.
The stands were packed full of celebrating Aggies at the end of the night.
Excited fans rushed the field after the game was over.
It was a great night, even if I did look a little like the Joker at the end of it.
What’s your favorite college team? How’d they do this weekend?
Thanks, and Gig’em!
We got the watch the Aggies beat the HELL outta Nebraska in the best game this season! Whoop!


  1. girlsinthestacks.com says:

    FUN! I sooo wish I went to a college with a football team, or traditions for that matter. Glad yall had fun.

  2. New to your blog today – was looking for a schedule for Pioneer Womans book signing and came across your site. Enjoyed reading your post and loved the pictures that you took. I have never seen two little boys look so bored. Because I enjoyed that post, and because I am a Texan too, I decided to peruse other parts of your blog. It is obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into your work. As I was looking at a picture of your husband, I noticed an Aggie ring. :-) Googled it on your site and sure enough not one Aggie in your family but at least 2. Nice job and I look forward to future posts.

    Aggie granddaughter 1915
    Aggie Mom '02

  3. Thanks a ton! It a very good website!

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