Turn-by-Turn Navigation with the Samsung Galaxy S3

VZWA Navigation-002.jpg

A few weeks ago, when we attended our five-year reunion at Texas A&M, we stopped in to stay the night with our friends in Houston. On our way, we realized that the GPS in the car was taking us on a terrible route that would lead straight into rush hour traffic. But luckily, we had the turn-by-turn navigation on the Samsung Galaxy S3 to turn to!

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It’s so easy to use and it accounts for traffic. See the green light in the photo above? Traffic was flying. Then it turned yellow when we got into some difficult traffic.

I love that the app warns you when a turn is coming up and it’s loud enough to hear the navigator’s voice in a noisy car.

Plus, the maps are up to date, so that’s even better! This is hands-down the best navigation app on a smart phone I’ve seen.



**Disclaimer** I am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador. I received a wireless device and phone/data plan free of charge to use for review and evaluation of Verizon Wireless products and services. As part of the program, I was asked to share my opinions with others, however, my opinions are my own. Please contact vzw@comblu.com with any questions about the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors’ Program.


  1. That is awesome that Verizon gave you that for free. I wish I had a free smart phone with data.

  2. patrick ford says:

    I love my samsung s 3 from Verizon. I love it talks on navigation. my preacher is with at&t and mine verizon is way better reception and strength. love it

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