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6 Month Birthday-007

Dear Andrew,

Today, you are six months old. That’s one-half year! I can’t believe it. Time has gone by so quickly and you are growing so fast!

You have the prettiest blue eyes. And you are so aware of everything. You love watching the puppies play, especially Georgie. Last night, you were watching Georgie play and he walked to the other side of the table where you couldn’t see him. You started crying and throwing a fit because he walked away from you.

You love to spend time in your jumper. You laugh and play. We have a stack of yearbooks (The Aggieland, whoop!) underneath it so you can touch the ground. Soon, though, you won’t need them! You’re so tall!

You HATE laying down… you could stand up all day long if we’d let you! You are even really good at holding on to things and standing up. I’m afraid you’ll be walking before you crawl. That’s a scary thought.

Sometimes we let you watch TV, but not very often. You really love The Backyardigans. They sing and dance and it mesmerizes you.

When I came home from work this afternoon, you saw me and reached for me. It made me so happy! You know Mommy, from Daddy, from Nanna, from Pappy. You LOVE playing with River and Eli. Next week, Hyrum and Benson will be visiting and I can’t wait to see you interact with them!

You are such a happy baby. You laugh and giggle all the time. You still don’t have any teeth yet, but we’re expecting them any day now. You drool like a fiend, Dude!

We took some “Half Birthday” pictures when I got home. I gave you a cupcake to smash and it was SO FUNNY! You started licking the icing and we couldn’t get you to stop! Your first taste of sugar… I’m sure I’ll be regretting that tonight when it’s time for bed…

I love you so much, Little Dude. The past six months have been wonderful!


Your Momma





  1. Oh he is beautiful, and a six month celebration, what a great idea :)

  2. this photo is precious! you are so talented!

  3. Oh my, such adorable photos!


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