Sand and Sun in Seaside, Florida

Addy at Seaside-013.jpg

Last week, I was teaching at a yearbook workshop in Seaside, Florida.

The area is so beautiful and the beach is so fun that after our sessions each day, we hit the beach.

I have such a hard job.

Addy at Seaside-003.jpg

The weather was beautiful and most of the days were bright and sunny.

Addy at Seaside-002.jpg

My friend, Morgan (you may remember her shotgun wedding), played in the sand with Addy, another co-worker’s daughter.

Addy at Seaside-005.jpg

Addy was fearless and loved to go play in the waves.

Addy at Seaside-010.jpg

She and Morgan had such a fun time.

Addy at Seaside-011.jpg

Addy had this awesome foam cannon that you could fill with water and squirt at people. Don’t you just love her little goggles all fogged up? Too cute!

Addy at Seaside-014.jpg

She had a blast (literally!) shooting Clif.

Addy at Seaside-017.jpg

But when Morgan got her turn with the cannon, Addy was outta there!

Addy at Seaside-018.jpg

Oh, how the tables have turned!

Addy at Seaside-020.jpg

Don’t you just love lazy afternoons at the beach?

Don’t worry — I’ve got lots more photos to share from the week! (You wouldn’t expect anything less, right??)

What’s your favorite thing about the beach?




  1. I want to go to the beach! Lol

  2. It’s beautiful Arena. I hope you enjoyed your workshop in such a pretty area.

  3. Love these photos. The first one is beautiful. Looks like a FANTASTIC trip! Longing for some warm temperatures and gorgeous beach-time!!


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