Wine and Food Pairings with Mirassou Winery


This weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend Bloggy Bootcamp Dallas with the marvelous SITS Girls. I learned so much and am still processing a lot of it.

On Friday night, I was invited by one of the sponsors, Mirassou Winery, to attend a dinner with a few other bloggers. Of course, I jumped at the chance!

I am not much of a drinker, but I always prefer wine over beer any day. I always go for sweeter wines, like Riesling, and steer far away from red wines. I honestly don’t know much about wines, except that it’s really hard for me to find one that I like.

That changed after dinner with Mirassou. When paired with the right food, each wine brought out different textures and flavors. David Mirassou, the sixth-generation of the wine-making family, shared stories of his family history with us and talked about the different elements that made each wine unique. It was truly an experience I will never forget!

Mirassou Collage 1Mirassou-005.jpgMirassou Collage 2Mirassou-042.jpgMirrasou Collage 3Mirassou-040.jpg

With Amanda from Click the Good News, Chasity from Haute Mommy, David, Melissa from Pineapple Lily, Jennifer from Still Living the Dream, Liz, Emily from 52 Mantels, Aimee from It’s Overflowing, and Holly from June Cleaver Nirvana.

My takeaway from the evening? Wine evokes memories of good times with good friends. A glass of wine makes you remember the time you spent drinking it, and who you were with.

My absolute favorite Mirassou wines? Moscato, Riesling and, surprisingly, Sauvignon Blanc.

Mirassou also have a great Food and Wine Pairing Suggestions tool to help you decide what kind of wine to serve with different meals. Did you know that you can even take a wine personality quiz?

What’s your favorite wine?


Disclaimer: I was provided with dinner and free samples from Mirassou Winery. All opinions and photos are my own.  


  1. Great write-up, Arena, and i love the photos! I really enjoyed meeting you this weekend at the BBC event.

  2. Dude! I’m so impressed you already wrote this up! I’m about 3 weeks behind no matter what I do (thus the Labor Day posts on my blog all week….) I had such a blast at this wine dinner- it was one of the neatest things I’ve done. It was great meet you & glad we got to hang out more on Saturday! You got some great shots =)

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